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The Columbus Moving Picture Show Podcast

May 2, 2022

Kenneth Hopkins of the Ted Lewis Museum in Circleville, Ohio talks about the famous clarinetist's life, work and loyalty to his birthplace. 

Mar 25, 2022

SilentsAreGolden webmaster and author Tim Lussier talks about his interest in silent film. He will sign books and introduce the Silent Fragments program at the Columbus Moving Picture Show. 

Feb 20, 2022

Lisa Stein Haven discusses her latest book Max Linder: The First Cinema Celebrity. She will introduce a rare Linder film The Little Cafe (1919) at the Columbus Moving Picture Show and do a book signing there. 

Jan 15, 2022

Caroline chats with author Joseph McBride about his book What Ever Happened to Orson Welles and how he got started writing at a young age.